my rant

let’s get this straight right up front. this is my opportunity say what I think about anything & everything. here, it’s only my opinion that counts. I don’t care if anyone reads these thoughts, or disagrees with any opinion I profess. Agree, disagree, it’s all the same to me. I am a maniac and I don’t deny it. this is only an opportunity to say what I think without anyone saying that I am wrong. I also know that I am wrong a good part of the time. here though, I am always right and I can be as crazy as I want to be. okay, this pc bs is going to ruin everything long before climate change can say, look out for that iceberg on main street. So a high schooler doesn’t get the part she wants in a school play, forms a committee, writes the principal a letter and viola, the play is shut down and no one gets to do anything. instead of saying the part called for a person of more color than the young woman who was selected by the dramatic arts teacher, how about reading everything available. studying hard win the part you want. what good does it do you to have the production shut down? you don’t get your way, so you, so you pick up your ball, have the field padlocked and then go home? And how is this preparing these kids for life after school? Where they are going to have to compete for almost everything they want. A job. A promotion. A girlfriend. The money for that sex change. The money for a therapist when they find out they will have to actually pay for their sex change. The money for a lawyer after they send the I.R.S. a letter stating their demands are unfair and that they can’t pay anyway, because they have been in their safe space at mom and dads, instead of working. Work. How about work? what’s going to happen when they apply for Pres. of whichever co. they decide to run and don’t get it? Are they going to write the board of directors and demand they dissolve the co. because it is unfair to them? Wow! Are they in for a shock. I remember a group of interns at Google making demands of the Co., and being shown the door. Their school sure set them up for failure.  This same kid doesn’t make the football, soccer, will he/ she demand they cancel the whole season? If it is that important, a person can always find something to do at the ball field or the theatre. hit fungos, shag flies, be the equipment manager. Work the curtain, be a prompter, work the lights. We were taught that the things we worked for were more satisfying than anything that was given to us. And what does the young woman who showed up at an open audition and won, fair and square take from this episode? Hold your breath, throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming and you will ruin whatever activity for everyone? I hope this makes her a lot tougher than she was before. And someday in the not too distant future, she will find herself competing for the same position and smoke the whiner for the job because the employer will see her for what she is. Trouble. I would be willing to bet she has many jobs in her lifetime and asked to leave most of them. No one can ever convince me that a (1) swat on the butt ever did anything to anyone besides getting their attention and teach them the value of not repeating that offense. A timeout for some things may be a great tool for a lot of kids. But not all of them. every child gets on base, every game ends in a tie. That is great for tee-ball. Where the main goal is to teach the game and to give the kids the tools so that they can decide if they would like to try the next level. After that, strikeouts count, and there are a winner and a loser. And there will be the rest of their lives. Giving everyone a trophy id just setting them up for disappointment later. And not very long from now, one of them will be President. And a lot of people will start thinking, you know; Trump really wasn’t that bad.                           Until my next inspiration.